The internet provides access to a lot of bewildering medical information. See www.100hot/directory/sports/health

The following sites have been selected in that they appear to have authenticity and relevance but, as always with the web, care should be taken when interpreting general information for personal use.

Medical help
The initial decision on whether to go to the doctor or not is, for some people, always difficult. One site which may be able to help is
The other more publicised site is which is not yet as easy to use as one would have required from an emergency service.
The web is probably best for finding out more about your condition once it has been diagnosed by a professional. The BBC site is quite thorough for this purpose with an 'ask the doctor' section and 'webguide' which links to specialist sites for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. Try also which is an independent UK site. It also has an 'ask the doctor' section and information about most common diseases.

Fitness and Diet
The BBC ran a Fighting Fit Fighting Fat campaign on television but have kept the web pages which provide basic information about diet and fitness for those who are overweight and under fit.

Brain Fitness
The brain needs to be kept active particularly during periods of non employment or in retirement.'Use it or lose it' applies to the brain as much as to the rest of the body. is a U.S. based site but has a wide range of useful information. Click on mental health and then brain and memory. The article sums up the current thinking about the ageing brain and provides some useful exercises.

How to live a long and healthy life has become a media obsession. provides tips to living to 100 and other information about ageing. You can calculate your chances of becoming a centenarian on

The media are always finding a health story based on new research. Its often fascinating but difficult to follow up afterwards. Many of the health sites carry research sections and its often where the story emanates from. Examples are that keeps up to date with cardiac and blood pressure topics or that reports new developments in prostate cancer research. A general interest site for the over 50's which reports regularly on current research in the health field is One of the better search engines for research topics is


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