Living well, living longer.

Courses and workshops for mid-life planning

and retirement preparation.

"The first 150 year old person is probably alive right now", an American zoologist,

Steven N. Austad of the University of Idaho, predicted last year in an edition of Scientific American devoted to the quest to beat ageing. His confidence came from the rapid progress made in gene research which is providing answers concerning the ageing process. In the UK. the Queen Mother's 100th birthday focused attention on the growing number of people who are currently living longer due to healthier lifestyles and improvements in medicine and public health. In 1951 there were fewer than 300 centenarians alive in England and Wales. By 2036 official statistics suggest that there could be over 40 thousand centenarians. The population aged 80 and over in 1998 was 2.3 million and will gradually increase to nearly 6 million by 2050.

Preparing for a long life.
Nobody knows how long they are going to live!
(Although Health gives you a website which may help you to calculate!)
Most people want a long and carefree life, living comfortably. This is an ideal which few people achieve but with planning and suitable action, taken as early as possible, the objective is attainable.

Money matters
Frequently asked questions concerning finances include :

  • Will I have enough income in later life to maintain my present lifestyle?
  • How can I start now to build for long term security?
  • Will my pension be adequate for all I want it to do?
  • What's the point of making a will?
  • What happens if I slow down in my later years and need support?

All of these points are dealt with on our courses particularly on our one-day Financial Planning Course. 
For a more direct answer go to our associated company Retirement Planning Associates at


  • Why do we need to keep fit and our diet in check?
  • Is there an easy way to do it?
  • How can we retain the incentive throughout life?

These are simple questions to which we all, if we are honest, know the answers. Our courses consider the mechanics of keeping fit and healthy and then goes on to discuss motivation and ways of maintaining enthusiasm. Our Health page provides a few websites that follow up on themes from the course.

As everything else changes so do relationships. The danger period has now shifted to the 50-59 age group where the divorce rate has increased by 50% since 1981. The course touches on some situations that occur as we get older and circumstances change. The Relationships page introduces our mini docu soap - Ken and Margaret Retire.

Keeping busy.
In the new millennium, a period of life is emerging which the Americans call 'productive ageing'. With the world economy experiencing increasing shortages of skills and expertise, people between 60 and 70 will be positively encouraged to continue working and training. Retirement is likely to be postponed until 70 or beyond. Planning a later life career may be necessary but could be more exciting than you think! (See Lifeplanning)


The Courses.

Pre-Retirement planning.

This course aims to ensure that participants are aware of how their life is likely to change and explores ways in which their quality of life can be maintained and enhanced in retirement.

Mid-Life planning.

Many pre-retirees ask why similar courses weren't available to them earlier in life.
Mid-life planning helps to allay fears and prepare the path for a rewarding later life.

Financial education

The course relates the life planning themes of financial security, good health, personal relationships and the fulfilling use of time to sound financial planning.


We also provide a one-to-one consultation service. The major themes of retirement and mid-life are discussed confidentially and help with personal plans can be provided if required. (For example you may want to compile a CV for future work or business applications.) Personal financial advice, which can only be given by a registered Independent Financial Adviser, is provided by Andrew Forbes of Retirement Planning Associates. He provides a free, financial plan for you after a thorough discussion. If you would like to know more about RPA and their services try their website: or email Andrew directly :

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